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[21 Feb 2007|02:05pm]
Wednesday, February 21, 2007

on monday a bunch of people went out the bars for mal's birthday. i predrank and stayed in to get a project done and went out last night to the mardi gras pub to celebrate both mal and jenna's birthdays:

-started off with half a 26er of captain morgan's. i don't have any rum anymore :(
-i don't have a serious face in even one picture
-dressed up like a princess for jokes
-i think i saw something i wasn't meant to see and i dunno if i'm reading too much into it, but all i can say is what the fuck
-i just saw something really lame and immature, actually it's pissing me off, but i'm not gonna write about it here...quite frankly i don't find it funny
-it seems like everytime i try to fix what feels like it's broken, i don't get anywhere. maybe there's even an issue and i jsut feel like there's one

going to see fairwell to freeway, shotgun rules, and means with warren tomorrow! i'm excited!!! then after class on friday i'm going home. guess i'd better clean this place up a bit. mom and dad and gonna spazz if they see it like this. plus, i think it's time to start moving out.

on a side note:
if you're going to go to school to work on a group project and you're going to skip your 9am english class, at least try to time it or take a different route. that way you don't run into your profs in the hall. fingers crossed i'm not in the dog house.

xxx ashley badashley :)

wake me up!

[17 Feb 2007|07:19pm]
Saturday, February 17, 2007

where do i begin?

on tuesday (the day of the snowstorm) i was walking into rez and before the non skid stuff starts on the floor, there's jsut wet snowy tile (and no mat) so guess who went flying and totaled? oh rez, how i loath you..(i need out of this place..but going home means no misery signals so i'm sticking it out still)

yeah so i was in pretty bad shape for a few days (wednesday, especially..i jsut wanted the day to end, not huge on valentine's day other than for junk food). i still hobbled to class. i'm not gonna skip class cuz of something like that.

thursday in class...we got put into groups for presentations. my group is presenting next week. one guy walked past my group and told them all to give me the work to do and i'd do it all. i raised my eyebrows. i don't think so...i wasn't a happy camper thursday night either. i really wasn't in the mood to take attitude from an 18 year old. if you ask me for help on an assignment, i'll gladly tell you what i know, but if you don't like what i know/waited to long to start the assignment, i can't help you there.

friday in class...well class was fun contentwise. except in the first class there's a group of knobs that don't like the prof and started a "dislike" group for him on facebook. it's retarded. they mocked him through class. it made me sick. i like the class, i find it practical, but that's me.

then the people who decided to "sleep through" class (some people seem to be making this a habit now) wanted my help on the assignment that was due the sameday. i don't mind helping when people try. ended up not having much time to eat much lunch before the next class cuz i had to have my assignment done and handed in before i could leave at 1:45pm (plus have them keep asking me what to do at the sametime). simple solution: just go to class. the prof was there to help us for an hour giving help too.

stayed up til 5am working on a new desktop with the skills a learned in the class above and then slept til 5pm tonight. it was impossible to have gone ot bed any earlier anyways. people were ramming each other into the walls in the hall til past 3am. it was pretty intense, i heard my dishes shake. i haven't gone to see the aftermath. quite frankly, i don't even want to know. the wallpaper from last week was still hanging off the wall last time i saw.

i wish my group members for english class would email me back. phase one of the assignment is due friday and i'm in no way bailing on warren and missing the means show cuz they're too lazy to check their school email (unless they skipped all classes on friday there's no way they could have missed it, email and class stuff is on the same site). i don't like group assignments.

i'm glad this week is over.
xxx ashley badashley :)

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[12 Feb 2007|12:07am]
Monday, February 12, 2007

i'm in a "meh" mood (what exactly is a "meh" mood anyways). i think it's cuz i've done absolutely nothing this weekend. i've slept in til 5-6pm two days in a row and i feel like i haven't accomplished anything at all, and honestly..i haven't.

i'm excited to get out of this building..10 more days to go! it sucks now but it'll be worth it waiting it out:
-22nd: means show with warren!
-23rd: go home!
-24th-25th the diverse attraction shows!
-27th: come back here for misery signals with warren!

i'm kinda pissed off with my floor. when i went to do my laundry last night i found open ketchup packets embedded into the carpet, fries all outside the suite door and not far down the hall is torn up wallpaper and others on the floor seem very nonchalent about it as if it's no biggie (it was wendy's stuff all over the hall...har har har). last weekend it was ketchup sprayed all over the wallpaper. i'm all for having fun, but trashing the place isn't fun or cool or whatever. i feel bad for the cleaning staff that have to waste time out of their day cleaning it when they shouldn't have to. we're not children anymore, it's hard to face and i'll always look at myself as a kid in a candy store, but this is ridiculous considering most of the people on this floor are in the 19 to mid 20s range.

tomorrow i really need to go grocery shopping though. need to stop procrastining that 20 min walk...

xxx ashley badashley :)

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[09 Feb 2007|12:17pm]
Friday, February 9, 2007

this week has been pretty sweet (despite wanting to the eff out of this building). i'm kinda wired and shaking. maybe it's the large cafe mocha i jsut had and the past week of going to bed past 4am every night that's making me giddy but i'm in my good place. maybe not my organized academic place (working on assignments all night long for a week, weeeeee! no, not really), but my good place indeed.

i kinda wish i was going home for the weekend, but it's ok. i need to catch up on sleep and learn how my wacom tablet works. my photoshop prof brought his in to show us and let us try out today. he made using it look a lot easier than when i was experimenting with it last weekend. i also want to finish off my write ups for the sites due next friday (i kinda started on it before it was even assigned anyways lol). i showed the same prof my promliminary design for one of the sites today and he liked it. i can't tell if he's not as critical as my prof last term or if he thought i was on the right track. i was kinda hoping he'd rip it apart, i appreciate the constructive criticism but it still made my day, no complaints :). i just gotta add in some sample latin text, submit it online, find some food, and then go to dreamweaver class in the next hour and a half.

xxx ashley badashley :)

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[06 Feb 2007|11:01am]
Tuesday, February 6, 2007

blah. i'm not even in the door 10 seconds and i need to rant. i found my drinking cups sitting on the table. yeah. not cool.

i'm pretty sure i made it clear that if they wanna borrow my stuff all the have to do is ask which really isn't too much to ask. if you reeeally can't track me down, at least put my stuff back so i don't have to come back and find them sitting on the table wondering if i have to wash them.

since they feel the need to post notes in the kitchen about random stuff, i think i'm gonna have to post up one of my own (and i'll even proofread it before pressing print, what a concept!)

16 days...how lovely.

and it's -a million outside, why is cold air going through the vent i get to sit under.

xxx ashley badashley :(


i got caught posting the note. i was informed we had this huge party on the weekend and our room was packed so my stuff got used but they didn't know they were mine so they left it out. she seemed pissed i asked her to ask me next time.

am i being unreasonable by not wanting people going through my stuff when i'm not around?

guess i'm back in the doghouse.

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[06 Feb 2007|12:35am]
Tuesday, February 6, 2007

it's that time again...

i always hate leaving home. don't get me wrong, london doesn't entirely suck. i love school and i love my friends there, i just hate leaving home. home is warm and cozy and doesn't have a random fan that decides to make the room cold whenever the eff it feels like it. i don't have to walk 4 flights of stairs with my laundry. mommy's a better cook than i am. i work sooo much better in my kitchen than in rez. it's been an excellent few days though! i'm not done my gradient mesh of christy's face yet (due thursday), but i'm practically done my visual dictionary due friday and i'm all done my flash ad (which was based on the diverse attraction) so i'm happy with my progress. i also got my mark back from my quiz i was freaking out about on friday, i got 90%! and 100% on the english lab that day too!

i should go to bed cuz i need to get up at 5:15am (can't wait!) but i feel like making a to-do list for the next little while:
-go to the store and get milk (walking 20mins in this weather, hahaha)
-stop watching so much tv. i don't want to miss new shows, but i really don't need to be wasting time watching reruns when i have a pile of work to do.
-find a decent boy. and by decent, i mean a gentleman who's sincere and cool, not some bastard we won't name. maybe i'll find a decent boy before next wednesday? maybe?
-sleep more (well ok, maybe after friday..somuchworktodoooo)

k, guess i'd better start packing up and go check on my laundry cuz that's clearly the thing to be doing at 1am when i need ot be up in 4 hours. (i've had the equivalent of 3 large coffees within the last twelve hours)
xxx ashley badashley :)

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[04 Feb 2007|11:13pm]
Sunday, February 4, 2007

i came home on friday after doing my dreamweaver test. soooooo much work to get through this weekend. i finished my assignment for digital imaging, my flash ad (for the diverse attraction) and most of my visual dictionary though. my plan is to do photography for that tomorrow and sub it into my presentation that finished and to get started on the gradient mesh of christy's face (i can see it taking me a good 25-30 hours...ack). dad got me a WACOM TABLET!! so i'm hoping it'll be a huge help when i learn how to use it. my illustrator prof/program coordinator said it's supposed ot make life easier anyways. the site defintions are underway though and i gotta have a draft design for the tda one for friday.

i'm going back to london on tuesday morning. gonna wake up at 5am, go back, go to class, come back from class. i told ben i'd go to his show (i missed his last one cuz of school work). he says if they (the decay) do well opening for hostage life tuesday at call the office (be there!), they'll get a show with death by stereo sometime soon. i really wanna see his band play and i think a bunch of our classmates are going to so it'll be fun.

this weekend has been pretty sweet so far despite all the stress. went shopping at the new big wal mart with jerra yesterday! bought lots of fun stuff. kool-aid lip balm, metallic green nail polish and purfume (one that smells like marshmallows!). stefan was working but we missed him :( he said he recognized us cuz of my abr shirt though (sorry we didn't see you).

and speaking of abr, they're playing st. patty's in london. i'm going with warren (it's a saturday so i'm hoping i don't have a ton of schoolwork getting in the way).

and went shopping with mom today and saw jen! got food to take back to school, and mascara.

i'm really stressing out about school. this past week has been feeling like the final week of last term...so i'm kinda terrified for what happens towards the end of this term.

anyways, i want to plan out what i'm photographing tomorrow before i go to bed.

this might be my last trip home before reading week. it seems to be the only way into talking my parents into letting me come home for the shows here at the end of the month and then sneaking back to london for misery signals, and then coming back home again for another week. we'll see though. otherwise, i'll just see misery signals another time.

anyways, wow, i wrote a lot. i should go start more school work.
xxx ashley badashley :)

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[28 Jan 2007|06:59pm]
Sunday, Janaury 28, 2007

on wednesday i went to masonville with kyle and justine. we got the photoshop CS2 textbook we needed for one of our classes (last 2 copies too). kinda pissed over it cuz originally we were told we don't need to waste money on books but this is the class with the new prof. the book looks good though. the shitty part is that online indigo has it at about half the price as instore at chapters. i wanna see if i can order it online. we also went grocery shopping. mmm real food!!

jsut after the clock striked midnight on thursday christina came downstairs and surprised me for my birthday! she brought balloons that her and her roomies decorated for me! they were awesome, thank you :). earlier in the night i made jello shooters (well pretty much jello in a bowl with 125ml of captain's). everyone thinks it's delicious but i think it's awful lol.

after class, jenna and mal surprised me with more decorated balloons everywhere and they baked me a chocolate cake!

went to go get dinner with mal and then we ate across the hall in kyle and dave's room (dave's new this term). i left to go do homework and dave kept talking to me and mal told me to stop or we'd never get to brandon's party.

finally got through english and mal, dave and i went up to the party. it was fun! brandon gave me a drink of dr pepper and fireball. then he gave me his cuz he didn't like it. it tasted waaaaay better than my jello shooter thing that i still couldn't stomach. he and christina wanted me to play drinking games but i needed to study :(

got back to my room and started on the studying. then dave begged me to go see him for a long while so i eventually gave in and went to his place. he's so persuasive, damn :p

i woke up at 7:30am cuz the whole studying at 3:30am thing wasn't gonna happen. i only studied page one of the photoshop CS2 keyboard shortcuts and i should have studied more. if only i knew the shortcuts for rulers and grids and could have done better :(

all my roomies went home for the weekend so i've kinda just been chillin here. i've also been slacking like mad. why can't i get into my focus zone :(.

also spent a lot of time cleaning. i thought correlle dishes were supposed to be smash resistant. dropped my second bowl in 3 months tonight. fucking shattered everywhere and popped lots of balloons :(


i need to check on my laundry soon, lates.
xxx ashley badashley :)

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[22 Jan 2007|01:59am]
Monday, January 22. 2007

7 rum and cokes later (thanks sam for one of them :) ) + some of elvin's pitcher of canadian (i just drank out of the pitcher hahaha) i'm tipsy but not really drunk. i'm shocked myself. the party was awesome :) elvin, sam, and jerra came and it was a lot of fun :) thanks sooooo much you guys, you rock!! i'm jsut eating some leftovers from dinner right now. went to baton rouge with my family. it was fun! what sucked though was that despite the fact we kept hinting at the waiters (there were 6 that served us randomly) that it was my birthday...they ignored it. then we saw the table of 2 next to us get birthday cake and a sparkler which caught me by surprise. we asked on the way out how their birthday thing works and they said you need to be a table of six...bullshit. oh well. i was too full for cake anyways, couldn't finish my food (which i'm eating seven hours later now, lol). it was a ton of fun tonight, thanks a bunch you guys :)

i was supposed to head back to school in the morning but...i'm not. i should, and might end up missing english on tuesday cuz of it, but i'm not going back yet. i really need to do my gradient mesh homework though, but i shall be at home :)

i should probably go to bed so i don't sleep in all day. jsut gonna finish off my food.
xxx ashley badashley :)

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[21 Jan 2007|02:07am]
Sunday, Janaury 21, 2007

i went on fanshaweonline to see if my prof for ditgial imaging put up the dropbox for the assignment due tomorrow. he said "sunday night" but i wanted to know if that meant evening on midnight (not that it matter, i;ll be at my party and it will be done with and completed). anyways, no dropbox, but i found an interesting email:


so i clicked on it and there's an error so it won't open. i also love the poor grammar. i'm frustrated though cuz i want to know what this means. i mean, i know what it means (not so much the error 500 though), but what happens? do i get a partial tuition refund? (that would be sweet..probably wishful thinking) ahhhhh.

the show tonight (saturday) soooo good! it was really nice to see everyone again! i love the new diverse attaction tunes, their set was amazing!! memphis west was pretty sweet too. i didn't see all of silver lyning's set, but they were really awesome as well!! i liked the injury costume theme going on (well jordy's was real) but it was a cool idea! then alex, courtney, ang, and i went for food. we were gonna go to wild wing but they were closed so we went to mcdonald's.

also got pics for one of my final projects (i'm doing a site for the diverse attraction). jon asked if they'd be fixed up in photoshop. absolutely. i can't wait to get started on it.

anyways, i should go ot bed soon. gotta wake up early to do laundry and start on my assignment (the one with the hearts).
xxx ashley badashley:)

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[20 Jan 2007|04:08pm]
Saturday, January 20, 2007

went to classes yesterday. got an assignment for digital imaging that i gotta finish up by tomorrow night. bah. doesn't look complicated though. my bacdrop is hearts and i'm putting in a pic of myself. my prof asked if i was in love with myself and making myself valentines. i'm not that egotistic haha. i think i'm finally getting a better grasp on power point too in the other class. then i went back to my room, did a sink full of dishes and came home.

having classes on fridays sucks for coming home. i wasn't home til 7:30ish (and that's cuz i didn't go to web design. headed back out around 9:30 with elvin to the owl and firkin. it was sooooo nice to see him. we haven't hung out since the summer before his trip to vancouver which was waaaaaaaay too long to go. i got to see is zune which was pretty exciting too!

then today went to work to try to sort out a mess and apparently even though what happened has never happened in the past, it's apparently what they think i deserve (at the time they thought the were doing be a favour). there's also no guarantee i can get hired back when i'm back from school. i get to reapply and get rehired like the new kids even though i've worked there for over 4 years, but we all get lumped together now. i'm just frustrated and tired. i also got scolded for wearing a vest instead of a coat cuz it's cold out (it's 65% downfilled, meh).

so that kinda put a damper on my mood. but i'm still trying to plan a party for tomorrow night and i'm psyched for the show tonight!! (the diverse attraction and silver lyning at playing at latcham hall tonight! everyone should come!)

anyways, i shoudl go get ready and eat.
xxx ashley badashley :)

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[18 Jan 2007|01:09pm]
Thursday, January 18, 2007

stole from kaelan!:

1. Where is your cell phone?:

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend?

3. Your hair?

4. Your mother?:

5. Your father?:

6. Your favorite thing?:

7. Your dream last night?

8. Your favorite drink?:

9. Your dream car?:

10. The room you're in:

11. Your ex:

12. Your fear:

13. What do you want to be in 10 years:

14. Who did you hang out with last night:

15. What you're not:

16. Muffins:

17. One of your wish list items:

19. The last thing you did:

20. What are you wearing:

21. Your tv:

22. Your pet:

23. Your computer:

24. Your life:

25. Your mood:

28. Your car:

29. Your work:
underpaid >:

30. Your summer:
memorable :)

31. Your relationship status:

32.Your favorite color:

33. When is the last time you laughed:

34. Last time you cried:

gonna go get my train ticket and then get my hair done.
xxx ashley badashley :)

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[17 Jan 2007|02:24pm]
Wednesday, Janaury 17, 2007

-i've had 3 hours sleep
-went to section 1's web design so i can leave early on friday! learned drop down menus. not that exciting but it made me giddy. and was formally taught image maps. haven't even looked at those since i was 15 or 16 except now i get how and why they work.
-started to talk to my old english prof when my new one jsut so happened to pop up. i can't help but feel bad but i'm gonna regret it later if i get too far into the course and i'm out to lunch.
-mmm lunch..i want lunch. i had yogurt but that's not real food.
-elvin says i should go for it..i dunno. he says i can't regret things..i dunno...i think he's right and i should be spontaneous and do it. (i can't tell you just yet cuz then there's no surprise factor when you see me :p). i dunno if mom will be impressed. she said not to go complaining to her if i decide after it was a bad idea.
-i'm kinda frustrated about something and there's not a damn thing i can do about it. blah.
-my old english prof jsut emailed me back and said i can go to her lab classes. she said both our classes will be in the same lab room at some point. this is good and bad. hellooooo dog house with my current prof if i go get help from another prof right infront of him.
-i'm bored. a good excuse to go get my hair done, except i need to talk to one of my profs...i've gone looking for him twice but he's been teaching/not there. i could just not go see my prof, but i've become too academically focused to risk not going.

i think my plan for the remainder of the day will be finding food, watching home improvement (cuz odds are my prof is teaching til 4), findinf my prof, then going see about my hair since the place is open til 6. the place i go to at home is booked solid, so if this place is booked too, then it wasn't meant to be. i feel bad. it's the only place i've gone to since i was 10 or 11. bah.

gonna stop this rambling now.
xxx ashley badashley :)

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


RIVERSIDE made it onto "Out of the Box" on FM 96 TONIGHT around 11:30pm!!! It's kinda like bookie's indie hour on the edge, still corus radio, except the london version so that was pretty sweet :) i'm soo happy for them :)

and for the first time since...my last night in rez at essex i think it was..i watched american idol. of course we don't get ctv toronto here, we get southwestern ontario ctv so i missed MY LOGISTICS MANAGER SINGING ON STREET IDOL!!! i can't believe i missed it :( everyone is posting about how great it was. she always sings over the walkies at work so it would have been cool to see her on tv. she sang "stop in the name of love". sucks i had to miss it :(

i'm waiting for my laundry to finish. i think i'm gonna sit in for section 1's web design class tomorrow so i can come home earlier on friday night. elvin says we can still go out even if i come home at 11pm :) but that still cuts the night short and i haven't seen him since october.

xxx ashley badashley :)

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[16 Jan 2007|04:57pm]
Tuesday, January 16, 2007

back from classes. english was ok though i don't feel as though my prof takes anything i say seriously. then second time i put up my hand to add in my two-cents worth he ends class. i saw my old prof in the hall day. i was this close to begging to switch classes. = at least i learned something in class today anyways.

flash class was fun. i like that we're learning all the graphic components first and how not to fuck up first rather than jsut diving into doing stuff. there's a lot of stuff i never knew existed, plus well, honestly i don't remember a whole lot of what i learned in grade twelve.

also double checked with my prof for my final projects since there's two of them. i had an idea for number two and he thinks it's a great idea. i don't wanna give away what the projects are yet. plus i need to talk to someone about it first before i even know if number two is a go. number one is aware of it and plans are in action. then i get to present these infront of the class and "american idol panel" (my profs).

i gave in and ordered food from the grill at the caf with justine. glorious greasy grilled cheese and fries. i only lasted 9 days, ack.

xxx ashley badashley :)


just got approval from number two!

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[15 Jan 2007|05:18pm]
Monday, January 15, 2006


i JUST posted in sam's lj that there was no snow in london. then i blinked and looked out the window and it's *suddenly* snowing pretty hard and it's staying on the ground. so far i've heard it's been a snow day in waterloo and hamilton. snow day in london tomorrow? *fingers crossed* ok fine, i'm just really lazy.

i didn't have classes today anyways so it doesn't really matter..but a four day weekend would be pretty sweet.

went to bed around 6am and got up around 2:30pm ish cuz i wanted to watch home improvement hour on tbs. after all these years i still love that show. then went to go get food in the caf with mal. i told myself no caf food for awhile (this is my first time since december), i know, but i got a chicken pesto pita (first time getting it cuz mal always says it's good, she's right!) so it was healthy anyways..plus i've been here 8 days and i'm running out of food already. i need to go shopping and by shopping i mean raid the cupboards at home. london really needs an italian grocery store. i only have 2 bagels from michael angelo's left :(

tasks before bed again include 2 loads of laundry so i have something to wear to class in the morning, help mal bring in groceries from her car, stop second guessing how i fixed the lighting in the pic of christy for vector graphics class (i still dunno if i'm happy with it or if it needs more work), finish my coffee before it gets cold.

so long kids.
xxx ashley badashley :)

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[14 Jan 2007|01:10pm]
Sunday, January 14, 2007

jsut got back from breakfast with christy from work and angelica!! it was awesome. twas an adventure cuz i'm a moron. i woke up at 7:15am to be ready and at elgin hall rez at uwo for 9:30. i got there at 9:15am only to realise i didn't write down angelica's extention number. i tried the automated search system to find it but you need the person's last name and i didn't have it. i called christy's cell but i didn't hear back so i was gonna go back to fanshawe and get it. anyways, half way back christy called me so i went back and all was good again :). i got back around 10:30ish i think. we went to christina's pub for breakfast. it was really good! got a greek omelette. then i took pics of christy for my vector graphics assignment. christy = lifesaver! i took pics of matt for it on friday but my prof emailed me back saying that the lighting was off so they were lacking focus and detail. i'm confident these ones are goign to work. i'm just waiting for a response from my prof before i start photoshopping.

it's been kinda nice going back to uwo. on friday matt pointed up to my room at essex and i've kinda been in memory lane since. essex, was just...i wanna go live it again. sooooo many uwo memories. and getting to uwo is a lot simpler than i originally thought. i'm starting to get more comfortable with taking the bus (and it's taken how long?).

going home in four days! woot!

k, i'm gonna go watch tv or go back to bed. i didn't go to bed til about 4:30am or so.
xxx ashley badashley :)


1. the pics were approved!!
2. forgot to mention that christy said we don't have to wear our uniform hoodies/shirts to work anymore. yay!!

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[13 Jan 2007|01:21am]
Saturday, January 13, 2007

mathew = brilliant. i got into the show! and there was someone there that goes to windsor so i dunno what the fuss was. i helped the guys bring stuff in and then i got introduced to this guy (who i didn't know at the time was matthew johnston) and his gf. anyways, jane came down too and we all watched the first few bands together. fun times!

while riverside was setting up, matthew johnston did a warm up and that when i clicked, hey this is matthew johnston. after before riverside went on, i went to say hi and told him courtney got me hooked on his stuff a year ago and i'd wanted an EP since. then he asked how i knew courtney (small world!). then riverside went on, amazing as always :) i lvoe the new stuff. matt got me an advanced copy of their full length, i'm listening to it now. i can't wait for the release show!

then everybody left but jane and i so matthew johnston never played again :(

after the show, went to wondering about in the lovely london hall. jane's suite is awesome!! it's reeeeeally spacious, has a full kitchen, twas really nice.

over all an amazing night!! i'm talking to christy on msn now. she's visiting at elgin. if i'd known i would have stopped by on the way back.

i'm sooo excited for this week!!
friday: elvin!
saturday: the diverse attraction and silver lyning!
sunday: birthday dinner!

xxx ashley badashley :)

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[12 Jan 2007|06:01pm]

guess what everybody? uwo fucks me over once more. riverside and matthew johnston are playing at london hall tonight. i really wanted to go and see the guys and see jane!! jasmine mentioned that they were checking student cards (mine = at home) so matt got me the number for london hall (which doesn't have an official sign in) and i called them. they told me to call essex (even thoug hthe event isn't there) so i did (i lvoe the fact i know the essex number and i honestly don't have a clue what the number is for my rez at fanshawe) and the manager says there's a no guest policy this week so whether i had my student card or not. two people have told me that the head soph is saying you jsut need a student card (the one with my 18-year-old-self i don't have on me).

ok so someone explain this to me...

needless to say i'm pretty pissed off right now.

in other news, partied and got drunk in rez tuesday night. it was fun. i'm getting along waaay better with my roomies, it's been a lot of fun :)

in crappy news, went to my english lab today. laugh all you want, but i suck at power point. i jsut don't use it much. today i asked my prof for help and he didn't get why i didn't get it and didn't know how to help me. i sat there like i loser trying not to cry (typical me) and then he felt bad but still he didn't understand how to explain the assignment to me. my other profs never make me feel like shit for asking for help and because they believe that asking questions is how one learns. yeah..gonna find out if i can go sit in old prof's class. i mean our assignments were scripted and posted by her anyways and i think this guy is just instructing.

in happy news once more, next week is my birthday weekend. my web design prof said he wants ot change the friday 2-4 class for us cuz it's sucky which means i think i'm gonna leave right after english lab next week. i plan on seeing elvin on friday, going to the diverse attraction and silver lyning show on saturday, and going out for dinner with my family on sunday night :D

i dunno what to do about tonight. there's gotta be a way...i'm gonna try to figure something out.
xxx ashley badashley :(/:)

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[09 Jan 2007|04:26pm]
Tuesday, January 9, 2007

yay! got back in before the snow started up again. the snow was a lot prettier when there was lots of it..as in enough to cancel classes/shut down the city. now it's just a reminder that it's freezing cold outside.

jsut got back from day one of classes. english was interesting to say the least. our prof looks like krammer. for some reason i'm feeling like i'm not going to get a lot out of the class. also not so keen on the whole "group project" stuff. when i work alone i know i'm responsible for my academic achievement, but when working in a group, well, we've all done group projects and know how that goes. here's to hoping for the best anyways.

flash class was good. we're starting from scratch which is good cuz i'm kinda fuzzy on what i learned in grade twelve.

i've told myself no eating in the caf for awhile. i'm going to try really hard to eat healthy. it's on my new years resolutions list which still isn't entirely complete, but i have a handle on my goals and what i feel i need to do this year.

so far rez has been ok and i've been getting along with my roomies and stuff. i have a new found obsession with cbc television programming. i mean, i always liked the hour, but they actually have some pretty nifty stuff.

i'm running out of clementines. going to go make me an actual meal.
xxx ashley badashley :)

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